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Too often security tools are merely installed and dropped on an organization. Their theoretical usage is totally divorced from organization operations. The unique cross cutting deployment footprint of many security initiatives means that a disciplined methodical approach is necessary to ensuring that all stakeholders needs are represented and high operational readiness is achieved. To that end, ESR's holistic approach seeks to provide the disciplines necessary for successful transition of new cyber capabilities into organization.

Risk & Control Analysis Automation

Organizations can and should make informed IT Security decisions every time all the time. ESR provides organizations with the ability to automate their risk and security control analysis. Through our AI powered Cyber risk engine organizations can immediately understand the security risk and controls needed to secure that risk for any IT decision.

Risk Management Support

ESR provides organizations support through the risk management process. Specializing in risk analysis, control analysis and POAM software remediation; ESR has unique experience that bridges risk management and software development.

Cyber Program Management Support

ESR provides agile based program management. Cyber Prgrams are ever evloving ESR brings a standards based DevOps mindset to any Progrma Mangement engagement.

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