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Enterprise Solutions Realized

Enterprise Solutions Realized was founded in 2004 by Dennis Christmas, a senior software architect with extensive IT management experience. He saw an opportunity to build a software-centric company focused on solving complex business and mission-critical problems. From inception, ESR has helped our clients reap the benefits of better, faster, more cost-effective software and process because we make mission driven solutions.

You know your business, your agency, and your mission. You understand that computers and information technology can help you operate better, faster, cheaper. ESR builds solutions to help you realize your objectives.

You want value for the money you spend. We deliver, on-time, within budget, goals achieved, first time, every time, no surprises, with solid past performance to back this up. Our approach is simple:

  • Your needs drive the project. Our job is to capture and clarify this vision so we both understand the target.
  • Your goals guide our work. We write solid requirements that you validate and stakeholders understand.
  • Your environment and standards, plus best practices, shape the system design we create. We leverage the assets you already have in place when that’s the right approach.
  • You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Our designs use COTS and GOTS where possible and custom components where necessary.
  • You want insight into how the project is progressing. We give it to you by regular prototyping, testing, and demonstrating the system from the start. You judge project status with your own eyes. You get critical insight early on; no waiting till the end to know whether things are on the right track.
  • You must prepare the organization for the new system. We support you in communicating with the user community, training, and engaging operations to smooth deployment. We do as much of this work as you want, out front or in the background, as you prefer.

You want a strategic partner who understands your business, agency, and mission. You need a team player who respects your constraints of budget, time, and environment while helping you craft and execute an approach to achievement of your objectives. That’s ESR.

Contract Vehicles

  • MD DOT Certified MBE & SBR
  • GSA IT Schedule 70
  • GSA 8(a) STARS II
  • FAA- eFAST
  • Navy SeaportE
  • GSA Alliant Small Business
  • SB, & 8(a)
  • CIO-SP3

Mission Built Solutions

We solve mission critical problems


We strive for repeatability improving from engagement to engagement!

Up to Date

We build modern solutions with up-to-date architectures and frameworks

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