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Software Lifecycle Support

Agile techniques are permeating business, government and the military. Originally focused on software development utilizing the advantages of an agile iterative approach have expanded to support program/project and portfolio management, configuration management, business process change, enablement and governance, service and product evolution. Agile has become the ascendant approach to enable organizations of all kinds to become more responsive to mission, customer and market needs.

ESRs sdlcR! agile lifecycle methodology has evolved to address range of disciplines facilitated by agile. It incorporated principles, best practices, processes and templates from the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, SAFe™, the AGILE Business Change Framework™, SCRUM and KANBAN. To these we add ESR authored content developed over years of successful project delivery.

At ESR we develop code but understand that alone is not enough. We augment our coding skills with solid capabilities in business modeling, requirements management, software architecture and design, user interface design, business intelligence, AI, database design, NoSQL, DevOps and cybersecurity.

This range of capabilities enables ESR to adopt our agile approach to the characteristics of your environment to meet your project success criteria.

AI and Text Analytics

ESR brings Artificial Intelligence to real-world problems. There has been an explosion in the number of AI libraries, standards, platforms, tool, and APIs; these technologies have enabled ESR to deliver some truly innovative tech.

ESR knows how to adapt and utilize the best and latest technol ogies while still remaining true to mission need.

Check out Ronathan, an ESR AI product for immediate cyber security analysis.

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